Teams entered      
Aaron PearsChasing Tails
Adam FairfieldScrambled Legs
Alan PercivalMRC Ladies
Alan PercivalMRC Men
Alan PercivalMRC M1
Alan PercivalMRC Mixed 2
Alan PercivalMRC Mixed 3
Alan PercivalMRC Mixed 5
Amanda YoungBricko's big bongos!
Amanda YoungMand's Minxes
Amanda YoungToo fast too furious
Andy ParryWhere's Chucky?
Andy TatarczukICE CREAM FTW!
Andy TatarczukTight butts and Sweaty nuts
Angela PurduePimp my Stride
Becky MorleyOnly Here For the beer
Ben HallamFC Barc-Ale-Ona
Betty CresswellRunning Babes
Bis WhatlingDerwent Damsels
Brian WarnerSinfin - Chris's oldies
Bruce RaesidePlenty Left in the Tank!
Cathryn WilkinsCathryn’s Ninjas
Charlene WithallIvanhoe Friends
Charlie CharltonFantastic 4!
Charlotte DowsonSoul Survivors
Chris ChambersTeam Orange Dream
Chris HelsbyPale and Bitter
Claire HutchisonPom Poms
Claire SteeleDerwent Hoopy Loopers
Dale JohnsonMarvel Misfits
Damien BrowneRunning for More Beer
Darren KnightThe Greatest Show
Dave HalfordLittlefield
Dave SmithCarry On Up the Abbey
David BoyesThe 4 C's
David CaultonMedstrom Moochers
David CaultonMedstrom Meanderers
David HortonBelper Belles
David HortonBelper Bipeds
David HortonBelper Barnstormers
David HortonBelper Billy Goats
David HortonBelper Blades
David HortonBelper Bounders
David HortonBelper Bullets
David Meadchewys still going all stars
David SzaboNot Fast Not Furious
David wrightBlood sweat and beers
Dawn LichfieldFlower Dollies
Donna Barrowdale2’s company, 4’s allowed
Elizabeth NoctonBuxton Breeze
Elizabeth NoctonBuxton Belles
Elizabeth NoctonBuxton Bedrock
Elizabeth NoctonBuxton Babies
Emily Alice CaseleyThis Old Man Just Followed Us
Emma Leeming Hula Hoops
Ernie CresswellPMA S.E.M.P
Fiona FlavinThe team who must not be named
Frazer CresswellBlue Blood
Gillian FoxcroftHoppy and the Chasers
Glen WestonKADS ACES
Hannah WibberleyThe Hairy Heroines
Helen ChambersSmalley Heros
Helen JoyNo Bar too far
Helena RoomsEaton Mrs's
Howard WilliamsSlow Farah
Ian Warton-WoodsKermit Men’s 1
Ian Warton-WoodsHermits Ladies
Ian Warton-WoodsKermit Men’s 2
Ian Warton-WoodsKermits Mixed
Jack LawrenceOur soles are hurting
James AndersonAnderson Electrical
James FrancoThe Hairy Heroes
James HallEMBS Sharks
James IzzardThe dodgy knee flyers
James SpraySinfin - Hardcore Drinkers
James WardThe Inbetweeners
James WattKnowle House Party
James WattTeam 2
James WilliamsLimp-ford Christie
Janita Ann DawesCharlie's Angels
Jenny ScottWe’re only here for the scotch eggs!
Jim CresswellPMA Dad's
Jim ThorneycroftKyber Crystals
Jim ThorneycroftMillenium Falcons
Jim ThorneycroftLeia's Luvvery Ladies
Jim ThorneycroftYoda's Wine & Gin Club
Jim ThorneycroftThe New Hopes
Jim ThorneycroftDarth Maulers
Jim ThorneycroftThe Last Jedi
Jim ThorneycroftDeath Stars
Jim ThorneycroftJabba & the Hutts
Jim ThorneycroftPhantom Menaces
Jim ThorneycroftThe Force is Strong with These Ones
Jim ThorneycroftRogue Ones
Jim ThorneycroftThe Empire Strikes M.A.C
Jim ThorneycroftPalpatines Praetorian Guard
John TaylorThe Bullshedders
Jon CowleyBMF
Joseph BoothThe Rolling Clones
Julie HeithusSinfin - Old Birds
Kate Sutton Don’t mime us!!
Kathryn WillsThis is Me
katrina hallettDispicible Derwent (Derwent runners 4)
LauraBlondes Have More Run!
LauraIlkeston Joggers - got your number!
Lisa CashmoreThe Princesses Phat Feckers
Lucy WalshWD40
Luke WhatlingLuke's Lieutenants
Lynne ChapmanFit for Nothing
Lynne ShacklockPink Ladies
Mark HAWTHORNECardiac 4
Mark JamesSt Trannyians
Martin BarradellSmells Like Team Spirit
Matt CartwrightDerwent - Mostly Matts
Matt HarrisSinfin - All the M's plus J.I.M
Matt RowlandsSPM Quads of Fury
Matt RowlandsSPM Blood, Sweat and Beers
Matthew McCormackPremature Acceleration
Matthew PeckTwisted Turnip
Max VaughanWhite Peak Distillery
Mel RowMickleover Rockets
Melanie BrennanEVRC Sweet
Melanie BrennanEVRC Salty
Melanie BrennanEVRC Bitter
Melanie BrennanEVRC Leathery
Melanie BrennanEVRC Sour
Michael Pride...
Mick DolanSmalley Gumps
Neil Emmingham Real Ale Madrid
Nigel HarveyNot fast, just furious!
Oliver MeekTeam Meek
Paul CrossleyThe Skidmarks
Paul FentemRe write the Stars
Paul MorleyEmpire Srides Back
Paul stanleyBanana splits
Paul WilliamsThree men and a baby
Paul YoungSpencer's new drive
Paul YoungHerding Ferrets
Paul YoungTeam Monkey Smile
Phil ConroyCritical Faculties
Philippa CoryThe Bakewell Bullets
Rachael DelaneyMickleover's Wonder Women
Rachael ShelbournSmalley Swag Bags
Rachel Gregg-BootWho got the keys to my Zimmer?
Rachel SmithWally Wankers
Rachelle ShermanKADS JOKERS
Rachelle ShermanKADS KWEENS (plus Rob)
Ray RandallAppetite four destruction
Rebecca KiddHemington Strollers
Rebecca MyersRunnerz of Oz
Rich WilsonWilson Home & Garden All Stars
Richard FordSinfin - Young 'Ens' plus Rob
Richard GeeG-Force
Richard JamiessonPMA Massive
Rob GoochBlood Sweat and Beers, Toe Nails Are For Sissies,
RobertBuxton Buccaneers
Robert SoftleyA Million Dreams
Robert WhiteBuxton Bullets
Robert WhiteBuxton Braves
Robert WhiteBuxton Bits
Rupert MayThe Expandables
Sam BaconI Thought They Said RUM!
Sarah baylisNorfolk and good @ running
Sarah Mellors SEE Cheerios
Scott WigmanOnly in it for the Glory
Shane HorsleyGot Your Number
Shane WalkerCome Alive
Shareen Shaw Baewatch
Shaun BottHot Fuzz
Shaun BottDixon of Chester Green
Sheila GrovesBorn to drink, forced to run!
Simon BrayFork handles
Simon Bucknell EMBS Tigers
Simon JonesMagic Mikes
stephen leafesdrr C
stephen leafesdrr F
stephen leafesdrr B
stephen leafesdrr E
stephen leafesdrr A
stephen leafesdrr D
stephen leafesdrr G
Steve HandDebbie's 1PNS
Steve PlummerMickleover Mavericks
Susan Cartwright Derwent Angels
SuzanneWho's got my bacon!
Ted parkTECN
Tessa ClementsFallen Madonna's
Tilly HalfordStapley's Sprinters
Tim SpateTeenage Mutant Ninja Striders
Tim SpateCool Stridings
Tim SpateFifty Shades of Shelton
Tim SpateStraight Outta Shelton
Tim SpateGone with the Striders
Tim SpateStridermen
Tim SpateReservoir Striders
Tim SpateLock, Stock and Four Smoking Striders
Tim SpateDirty Rotten Striders
Tim SpateNatural Born Striders
Tim SpateThe Shelton Redemption
Tim SpateStriders Inc.
Tim SpateThe Shelton Supremacy
Tim SpateThe Lost Striders
Tim SpateJurassic Striders
Tina HallMickleover Loop Backs!
Tom BriggsAle and Pace
Tom Dutczak-Smith

Vanessa ReedLegs Go For It!
Will BartonBush Academicals
Will DirkinBlood, Sweat and Beers