The Course

Here's your route to you getting a free pint from Derventio Brewery!

The Start and Race HQ

This is Darley Abbey Cricket Club which is set just to the North of the cricket pitch and your start / finish line is in front of the pavilion. Once you are off you make your way around the pitch boundary and head into the centre of Darley Park and head in the direction of the Derby Rowing Club, we have extended this section in order that you can get into your stride before switching back near the centre of the park and head towards the cafe.

That Hill!

Once you have switched back on yourself you will be directed left towards footpath where you will then turn left and head up that hill towards the park gates. Once at the park gates you will carry on where you will be directed left onto the grassed area where you will meander towards Strutts Park and then descending a steep bank. You will be there be directed onto the footpath towards North Parade and in the general direction of Derby.

The Turn.

Before you leave the grassed area of the park you will turn back on yourself where you will hug the River Derwent back towards Race HQ.

The Loop

Almost there now at the play area you turn right where all you have to do is follow the loop around the wild flower meadow and head back towards the finish and your prize!