In 2010, inspired by The County Officers’ Shugborough Relays, The Hairy Helmet Relay  stretched its legs onto Darley Park in Derby.

The Helmet is a 4 leg relay skirting you around Darley Park for just over 2 miles on each leg.

The relay is for everyone whether you like racing, running off round, running with your mates, drinking with your mates or just enjoying yourself you’ll be able to find this at the Helmet. 225 teams take part over 17 very different categories. There is also fun run prior to the main relay. Every adult at the end of the race can have if they are feeling inclined a bottle of local ale donated by Derventio Brewery. Profits from this race support Rainbows Hospice for children and young adults which is based in Loughborough and something for Darley Abbey.

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